Our PUKYlino® is the reference for getting started with child mobility.
Equipped with two rigid axles, the PUKYlino® offers high stability and is ideal for learning the first movement sequences for children from one year old. In many years of continuous development work, child-friendly ergonomics and product safety have been brought to the highest level. Designed for use on smooth surfaces, the PUKYlino® supports the child's urge to move and increases the child's movement radius. It is ideally suited as a slide vehicle to gain initial experience in getting on and off, pushing off and steering. In particular, the coordination of uniform and opposing leg movements are trained. In addition, the child learns a planned change of direction through their own steering. Available in 4 colors PUKY® color, rosé, grey and kiwi, the PUKYlino® leaves nothing to be desired in terms of design.

AGE: 1-3 years
HEIGHT CHILD: 75-90cms
WEIGHT: 2,3 kgs

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49.90 €

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